Affiliate Program

Are you interested in making some extra cash? Help advertise Baesic Co. with friends, family, followers and get 20% commission (YES 20%!)  on every sale! For example, with no effort, you can just keep the link in your social media profiles/bios!

How it works: Anyone who clicks your unique affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking it, you will be rewarded 20% commission of the sale! It's that simple!
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Special Promoting Code: Want a special discount code that you can give to people to get them to buy something? Just email us after you set up your affiliate account with a code you would want to use and we can add a 10% off code to your account!

Get Paid/Discounts: When people buy things using your affiliate link or code you get 20% of that sale! You can then use that money to either get money paid directly to you via PayPal or trade in your money for free items from our shop! (Please note you will not get credited 20% of sales that you place using your own code/link)